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The MAPG Summer Garden Party

With a weather warning of moderate wind, and the threat of rain, we quickly took down our array of gazebos and moved the venue indoors, thanks to the generosity of Nick and Susie. With a delicious afternoon tea and plenty of Pimms, we still had a lovely time.

A break in the weather allowed us to wander through a couple of the pretty gardens that back on to the River Bourne.

'Can we do this more often?' was a question asked by many. I feel sure it will become an annual event.

Walk Through Time 3: The Cathedral Close

Undeterred by the inclement weather, over 20 people joined our 2023 ‘Walk Through Time 3 – The Cathedral Close’. Starting at the North Gate, David guided us down the West Walk providing us with fascinating historical facts as well as pointing out interesting architectural features.

John Waddington kindly conducted a private tour of the Medieval Hall where we were treated to coffee and biscuits.

Full details of the walk can be found here

The MAPG AGM voted in favour of MAPG becoming a Charity


At the AGM on Thursday April 27th, there was a proposal for formal approval to change the constitution of the MAPG so that the Group becomes a registered Charity.

A copy of the new constitution can be viewed here

Nick Tomalin of the RSPB gave a fascinating talk about birds that can be found in the Salisbury area. Click on the image to see Nick's presentation slides.



The Milfordian 2023 is here

We are in the process of delivering this year's Milfordian to all our members. 

To open a copy, click on the picture of the front cover.

Many thanks to the many local businesses who have supported MAPG by placing ads in the Milfordian. Without their help, this magazine would not have been possible, and the work that we do could not have been so thorough or sustained. Thank you. 

Photo Frnt Cover.png

Planting the Oak Tree

Our magnificent English oak tree to commemorate the life and service of the late Queen Elizabeth II, has now been planted in Whitebridge Park. 

A team of seven volunteers spent a Saturday morning carrying the 14 foot tree from its delivery site and then planting it in an area approved of by Laverstock and Ford Parish Council. Councillor Nick Baker made a short speech before unveiling the brass plaque attached to the tree guard. 

Many thanks to all those who helped raise funds to buy this wonderful tree.

Nick Baker.jpg
Large Group by Tree 2.jpg

Record Turnout for Milford Area Preservation Group Litter-Pick

We had a fantastic response to our appeal for helpers with nearly thirty volunteers scouring the streets of Milford and part of Laverstock on 3rd September. Many of the bags, boxes, and wrappings we collect in our regular ‘picks’ are dropped by customers of local fast-food outlets. We filled dozens of black bags thanks to the efforts of our wonderful volunteers. It was especially gratifying to see young people coming out on a Saturday morning to help.

Litter Pick 3rd Sept 2022_edited.jpg
Rubbish Collected 3rd Sept 202_edited.jpg

The MAPG acknowledges the assistance of Salisbury City Council in supplying ‘pickers,’ and the essential black bags.

“The SCC also collects the filled bags for disposal,” says litter-pick organiser, Julie Eastaugh. “They could not have been more helpful.”

Visit to Kew Gardens

Our recent trip to Kew Gardens proved to be very popular with 17 local residents filling the mini bus and many more on the 'waiting list' - we will definitely hire a coach next time!

Interested in hearing about similar planned trips or MAPG events? Email us to be added to our contacts list.

Milford Hollow Information Board

Our new information board s now in place in Milford Hollow

MAPG Quiz Night

Over 50 people took part in our very first MAPG Quiz Evening in Laverstock & Ford Village Hall on Saturday 21st May. 'Her Majesty's Platinum Jubilee', History, Sport and Literature were some of the rounds as well as a 'Name the Politician' picture challenge and a music round. A fish and chip supper, cash bar and raffle all helped the evening to be a great success. The Silverwood Book Club stormed ahead to win the prize of a large tub of 'Heroes'.

We plan to make this an annual event so ... watch this space for news of the 2023 MAPG Quiz. 

Fancy having a go at the 'Name the Politician' Challenge?

Email your answers to

Question Master.jpg
Winning Team.jpg

Serious faces as Question Master David Lovibond tests our local knowledge.

All smiles from the winning team, 'Silverwood Book Club'

Litter-picking in Milford

Saturday March 19th

March 19th 2022.jpg
Rubbish March 2022.jpg

On a perfect spring morning, our team of MAPG members was out in force again clearing litter from the streets of Milford and parts of Laverstock. Several rubbish bags were filled and the area is now looking much cleaner.

Many thanks to all volunteers and particularly to Julia for organising the event. 

The Milfordian 2022
Copies have now been delivered to Milford residents
Click on the image to open the brand new edition.

Front cover.png

Saturday 16th October saw 20 volunteers working on our new project in Milford Hollow.

For more information see our Milford Hollow Page 

Click here to see the Salisbury Journal article.

Salisbury MP John Glen plants a holly tree in Milford Hollow

John Planting Tree.jfif

September 2021 AGM

Our first 'live' AGM for two years was held on 23rd September at the Bourne Community Farm and was attended by about 40 or so local residents. The new constitution was passed with a couple of amendments, the main one being a slight change to the group's name: Milford Area Preservation Group. The Chair as well as a number of committee members reported on projects old and new, and there were briefings from local Councillors Ian McLellan and Charles McGrath. One of the highlights was an interesting talk by Nick Wilson from Wiltshire Wildlife Trust Water Team. Click here to view the presentation slides




There is now more information on the Milford Hollow Page. See link below

We are soon to start our new rewilding project in Milford Hollow.

The site is an area of land to the immediate left of the Salisbury side of the railway footbridge in Milford Hollow. Salisbury City Council has kindly given their permission and support to restore this site as a wildflower haven.

We will be clearing land for the planting of enchantress nightshade, herb bennet, celandine, wild garlic, wood anemone, ferns, woodruff, foxglove, willow herb, bluebells, and primroses. There will also be a specially laid path. 

We need as many volunteers as possible – ideally equipped with spades, garden forks, wheelbarrows…

If you are able to help, please email us on

Repair work (again…) on the island below Milford Mill Bridge Saturday June 19th

Foolish of us to think that restoration work on the River Bourne could ever be ‘completed.’ Since last October and the massive efforts by MAPG volunteers to clear the blocked bridge channels, reinforce the riverbanks and build wildlife-friendly sanctuaries, the flood waters rose, and the wind blew. Our carefully constructed ‘berms’ – the build-outs to narrow and oxygenate the river – were stripped of their interiors, and the channels through the bridge were blocked again.

Armed with sickles, saws and diminishing strength, five of us spent a June Saturday morning in intensive and deeply satisfying activity. We opened-up the bank-side approaches to the river and used the felled timber we found both there, and on the island, to restore the berm interiors. We lifted and hauled huge branches, flung them from the bridge parapet to startle the fish, and used the river to float them downstream to those of us working on the banks of the Bourne.  And we did all this with minimum disturbance to the riot of Hemlock that filled the island with its deadly blooms.

In a fistful of hours, we set all to rights – until next time.

With heartfelt thanks to Andy Howard, Peter Hicks, Cllr Charles MacGrath – and special thanks to Tony Goddard for the signboards and the plank walkway.

Thanks also to Louise Hicks for the coffee and biscuits.

Logs Floating.jpg

The Milfordian 2021

3rd April, 2021

The 2021 Milfordian has now been delivered to all homes in the area and can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

My thanks to all contributors – and especially to our wonderfully supportive advertisers, without whose backing this magazine would not have been possible. Thank you.

Front Cover.png

THE Milford Preservation Group (MPG), in partnership with the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, has completed Phase Two of the major restoration project on the River Bourne and on the island below the Milford Mill Road bridge.




The £4000 project has restored the open setting of the Grade 1 Listed medieval bridge and will allow local people to properly see the beauty of the Bourne for the first time in decades.

This river crossing has been in continuous use since the Roman occupation, and the present bridge dates from the 1490s. But in recent years the island below the bridge has been colonised by willows and obscured with underbrush.  This has encouraged the dumping of litter and other rubbish. Volunteers from the MPG, working under the expert supervision of the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, have transformed the island and riverbanks into places of beauty and wildlife habitat – a corner of old England in a busy world.”

Nick Wilson from Wiltshire Wildlife Trust was project manager of the restoration work, and said: “By pollarding the large crack willows on the island we’ve built three woody habitat structures into the river. This will increase biodiversity around the island by improving the habitat quality for fish, water voles, and many other plant and animal species.”

Mr Wilson said that pollarding improves the longevity of the trees, which will vigorously regrow in the spring. He added: “More light has been let into the understory vegetation, enhancing wildflower growth and diversity. Kingfisher perches have been created and the woody structures have been placed in such a way to work with, and enhance, the natural processes of the river to increase sinuosity within the channel, and allowing the river to support a greater abundance of wildlife.”

The project was made possible by grants from Salisbury Area Board, Southern Wiltshire Area Board, Laverstock and Ford Parish Council, and Barchester’s Charitable Foundation.

On behalf of the Milford Preservation Group, we would like to thank the invaluable support these bodies have given us. This important project would not have been possible without it.

For information about Phase One, see our River Bourne page

Bridge View.jpg
Team Working.jpg

Sunday 9th August, 2020

 Rubbish Collected by Members of Milford Preservation Group Along Petersfinger, Salisbury,Over One Weekend

As we slowly ease out of Lockdown, there has been an increase in litter deposited along Petersfinger and Milford Mill Road.

This weekend, we collected two full bin liners of rubbish, including 30 larger cans from alongside the boardwalk.

Rubbish Collected - Peter's Finger.jpg

When anyone comes across fly tipping or accumulations of litter, could we ask you to report the incidents to: 

The more of us that make these reports, the more certain is action to remedy the issue.

Second World War Gun Emplacement


This remnant of a presumed Second World War gun

emplacement is on the top of the railway bank currently being reinforced by Network Rail.

This fragment of our recent history overlooks the Milford Mill Road ‘heritage’ field, where the County Sites and Monuments Record reports an anti-tank trench of the same period.


gun emplacement.jpg
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