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Thursday 2th April 2024 from 6.30 pm

Bourne Community Farm

Our Mission Statement

The Milford Area Preservation Group’s mission is to Preserve, Protect and Restore the fragile landscapes of Milford (Salisbury) and surrounding areas.

Formed forty years ago by local people concerned at the rapid erosion of the rural character of the village by development of various kinds, the aims of the MPG now include the protection of our built environment, and of the historically important water meadows either side of the River Bourne, and the archaeologically rich fields beside Milford Mill Road and Petersfinger.

We are stout defenders of these precious and numinous places. We are vigilant of Local Development Plans, Wiltshire Council strategic plans, and changes in Government planning policies and watchful for any implied or stated threat to what remains of our corner of rural England.

We are active in the defence of our iconic Grade 1 Listed Milford Mill Road bridge. We are active in preventing HGVs using our narrow lanes. We are active in the restoration of the banks of the River Bourne, and of the island below the medieval bridge.

We are entirely non-political but will defend our green spaces and the special places that define our community with energy, determination, and passion.

Join us in the vital work to Preserve, Protect and Restore

Milford Area Preservation Group

Committee Members


Chair: David Lovibond

Treasurer: Louise Gay

Membership Secretary: Barbara Lovibond

Speed Watch coordinator: Peter Hicks 

Planning Officer: Roger Humphry

Julia Eastaugh: Member 

Tony Goddard: Member 

Cllr Charles McGrath: Member

Laura Jones : Fund-raising Member

Caroline Shanklyn: Member

Jim Boyers: Member

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