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MAPG Lorry Watch in Milford

'Lorry Watch' is in operation along Milford Mill Road with volunteers recording registration plates of vehicles that exceed the weight limit. They are then reported to the police with warning letters sent to companies concerned.

We are always looking for more volunteers. Please click on the link if you are interested in helping out 


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Our warning signs are now in place on Milford Mill Road

damaged bridge.png

Milford Mill Bridge was damaged in 2019 by a heavy lorry.

Picture courtesy of Salisbury Journal

Milford Preservation Group has long been concerned that lorries heavier than the legal limit of 7.5 tonnes are using the road across Milford Bridge causing long term damage.  MPG in conjunction with Wiltshire Trading Standards and Wiltshire Police has formed a Lorry Watch group to monitor and report on overweight lorries using the approach roads. The group consists of 14 volunteers who have been trained by Wiltshire Police.


Details of the culprit vehicles are sent to Wiltshire Police who then send warning letters to the companies who own the lorries. Frequent offenders are reported to Trading Standards who take legal action against the offending owners. Sanctions against offenders will normally be fines of between £500 - £1000 and court costs of approximately £200.


Lorry Watch has been operating since November and in the three months to the end of January has reported 29 vehicles. 14 of these vehicles were over the weight limit and have been warned by the police, only one lorry was a repeat offender. We believe that the group is having an effect and the number of overweight lorries is reducing. However, we need to maintain our vigilance.


Our group is small and is looking for volunteers; if you would like to help please contact: 

Peter Hicks:


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