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Milford Area Preservation Group, Salisbury:
Protecting and Preserving the Environment and Amenities of Milford

The Milford Preservation Group (MAPG) is an association of residents in or near Milford, Salisbury, Wiltshire. Our aims are to protect, preserve and enhance the character and amenities of Milford. All households in the area are welcome to become members.

The Group has become much more active in recent times: the campaign to protect the medieval Grade 1 Listed Milford Mill Road Bridge; the setting up of Lorry Watch to deter the heaviest HGVs from using Milford Mill Road and the bridge; the provision of a bin along the Petersfinger Boardwalk; the preparation, design and siting of the Milford Bridge Information Board; and the major River Bourne and Island Restoration project. All this in addition to the Committee’s usual responsibilities (examination of planning applications, sustaining and expanding membership, collecting subscriptions and raising funds, and producing and distributing The Milfordian).

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The Milford Preservation Group is Grateful for the Help of our Business Supporters


Wessex Care are a family run group of care homes and centres, including a domiciliary community care team in Salisbury, Wiltshire, specialising in the care of vulnerable adults, mental health care and the care of older people. Wessex Care are proud to support the Milford Preservation Group’s work to maintain the natural beauty of this idyllic setting close to the City. Milford is the location where one of the Wessex Care homes, Milford Manor, is based, in a picturesque area of Salisbury. You can find out more about Wessex Care by visiting the website:

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